Ford RGB Bluetooth Controlled Badge


The badges measure 94mm wide by 42mm high and come with 2 metres of cable. The badges need 12v power from the car, so they could be wired to the side lights, dipped beam or fog lights etc... any 12v. There are many different ways to wire in the badges to the car and I won’t be providing any information on this, as I don’t want to be responsible for people damaging their cars. But if you are unsure, post on one of the facebook groups and some of the very helpful folk will be able to guide you.

There will be two version available, one which is mounted by 3M double sided tape and the other which can be fixed to the grill via screws.

If you wish to discuss a custom design then feel free to contact me in my facebook group Custom Pedals Group or Contact Me

The badge is controlled via an Android or iOS app on your phone.


Shipping within UK



Shipping World Wide

£15 shipping, insured worldwide